The Academy of Music had the great honor and pleasure that, thanks to the kindness of prof. Vesna and Radivoje Lazić, became the legatee of the eminent composer and music pedagogue Vlastimir Peričić.
The legacy of Vlastimir Peričić, according to his personal wish, is kept in the library of the Academy of Music at the University of East Sarajevo.
Within the Legacy, one can find personal writings, manuscripts, notes, documents, letters, concert programs, musicology literature in several world languages, publications of music material by domestic and foreign composers, anthologies, and publications of various classification content. In accordance with the rules of accommodation of legacies, this Legacy is placed in a special glass cabinet, classification on the shelves is by format.
Most of the publications belonging to the Legacy have dedications, which strictly proves that they are indeed from the Legacy and their origin is not in question. Some publications also have the personal stamp of the legate Vlastimir Peričić.
The total number of legacy publications is 1458. A comprehensive catalogue of the Legacy has been published and is available in the library of the Academy of Music at the University of East Sarajevo.
“Vlastimir Peričić was a modest man. He thought that he had not invented anything that was not known before. The “gift” of nature that he had, he shared with others. His heart was wide. He selflessly helped everyone, even to the detriment of himself and his health. Disappointed in society and events in the country, in 1994 he becomes irritable and somewhat loses the will to live. More and more often he was thoughtful in the study at the table, over a pile of paper.
In March 1999, at the time of the bombing, uncle Vlasta was desperate. He tried with all his might to rise above the current situation. One day he interrupted that internal struggle with the words: “Please, Vesna, listen to me! I want to agree on something verbally!” Uncle Vlasta wanted us to talk several times about what I would do one day when he “goes to the other world”, but I didn’t want that. I thought such a man would never die. Thirty days after the bombing, I repeatedly find him thinking, writing and hiding something intensely among the pages of his books. He began the sentence like this: “Vesna, I am old, ill, I am 72 years old, and the bombing will last and I will probably not survive. So please read this. I know you don’t like it, but I’ll be calmer!” It was a will in which, among other things, under clause 2 it says – I quote: “I am leaving my library to Vesna Lazić. If she decides that she doesn’t need any of the music books, notes or music magazines, please donate it to the library of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. If the Faculty would not accept that for any reason, then give them to the Academy of Music in Serbian Sarajevo – Lukavica… I am asking you to donate books of astronomical content to the National Observatory on Kalemegdan (Dizdar’s Tower).” The will was made and signed in court, in Kikinda, on June 4, 1999, where we stayed at my husband’s family house during the bombing. Vlastimir Peričić died on March 1, 2000, at the age of 73. He was well acquainted with the opening of the Academy in Serbian Sarajevo by prof. Dejan Despić and prof. Branka Radović. On several occasions, I offered the mentioned books to the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. However, they were not interested, due to the small space and too many unpacked packages of books and notes. I fulfilled Vlastimir Peričić’s last wish on June 11, 2002, by sending seventeen huge packages of books, notes, manuscripts and some personal belongings to Srpsko Sarajevo. In July 2007, many things of Vlastimir Peričić (three glass cabinets, desk, chair, typewriter, violin, manuscripts, books he owned, his published books, photographs, etc.) my husband and I transferred to the Music Information Center SOKOJ on Nikola Pašić Square in Belgrade. “Vlastimir Peričić’s Legacy” was opened on December 7, 2007, on his 80th birthday.”
Belgrade, 2009
Vesna Lazić, prof.